Friday, 21 September 2018

Be part of the Test Audience for Beneath the Painted Surface (now closed)

*Note: Our test audience viewing and survey program is now completed and the film is in final edit stage. Thank you to all who viewed and surveyed! 

Beneath the Painted Surface is completed enough to begin showing the rough cut to test audiences.

We will still be adding some content and working through a list of improvements before final release, but this "intermediate cut" has been sent to a premiere festival and if it's complete enough for them, it's complete enough for you.

So, if you are interested in being a test audience member please email with your name, email address and age, in a letter with the SUBJECT HEADING "Test Audience"
Our Producer Brian will contact you.
Destanne Norris - Beneath the Painted Surface

Test Audience members will be entrusted with a private link that will enable them to watch the film on Youtube. They will then be asked to fill out a survey online. The survey is a requirement, it's the whole object of this exercise. You will be given the opportunity to improve our film with your answers and suggestions.

The link to the film and the survey will be sent out at a set time, all at once, and then disappear after a set time. (To be determined.)

At the moment we are just collecting names and emails of volunteer test audience members.

In return for doing this awesome task (twenty questions, most of them with paragraph form answers) you will be rewarded with future, unnamed perks from the film. We don't know what this might mean yet, but it will be cool, we're sure of that!

If you are already involved with the film, you are already potentially a test audience member. Brian will be in touch privately, but you still can email him and get on the list that way.

with subject heading Test Audience
In that email include: Your full name, age, email address

Brian will contact you.
Thanks very much.

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