Wednesday, 31 October 2018

The Surveys are in...

Almost one thousand folks visited this page and read our invitation to view BTPS and then complete a survey. Most of those folks were from South Africa, due to the facebook advertising algorithm. (We spent a little money in an attempt to get viewers from other countries.) The surveys indicated that there were several ways to look at this film and the critiques of the viewer were dependent upon their individual viewpoint.

Through the surveys, I am able to better know how to satiate the desires of each of these viewpoints, thus making the film more enjoyable to a well-rounded audience. At least, this is my goal.

Thanks so much to everyone who helped as test audience. The film is nearing completion.
It's days away now. Our next festival entry deadline is Dec.


  1. I think having people view the questionnaire before viewing the film, and having a couple of mandatory questions (what did/didn't you like) as well as optional questions, might have made it more convenient for viewers to fill out the questionnaire, but it was well worth my time.

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