Friday, 11 January 2019

How we will move forward...

We have created a beautiful, moving film about Destanne and her story.

Destanne is also a productive artist that continues to create new works as well as presenting those works to new audiences. Often these visual presentations are accompanied by the telling of Destannes' story, which, in lieu of being able to watch the film, provides the audience a glimpse Beneath the Painted Surface. 

Destanne is also writing her story into a book, which is well under way.

Brian and Destanne see her story, the film and the book as a complete commercial package.

We have begun our search for a Sales Agent in Canada who believes passionately in our message and can see the value in our product.

As we search for an Agent we will continue to move forward with film festival submissions, self-marketing and fundraising.

Anyone wishing to contact us should email or telephone him at 250-307-3352

And of course, stay tuned for updates...


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