Destanne Norris has written her story into a book, featuring her artwork. 
Below is taken from her website.


How do you live with the unanswerable questions that surface when someone you love dies? 

This question and others lay beneath visual artist Destanne Norris’ voyage through the mysteries that shroud life and death. 


In this autobiographical story, Leah’s Gift, Norris journeys through the loss of her daughter as she illuminates her artworks - some of which were created before her daughter was born – that were mounted in an exhibition entitled, Leah’s Gift. Through her narrative and paintings, she tells how she navigated grief and learned to reframe her questions to find new purpose and meaning in life.


By sharing her experience and insight, people from all walks of life and places on the planet may be inspired to reframe the challenging questions they may be living with, leading them to make positive changes that benefit themselves and those they love. 

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